Monday, October 24, 2011

Starting Solids

After 6 months of breastfeeding it is finally time to start solids! I decided to begin with sweet potatoes. Hopefully I can make an easy transition from the subtle sweetness of the sweet potato to vegetables. I have decided to make my own food. My own personal reasoning for this and similar to my decision to breastfeed, is in no way intended to say anything for those mothers/parents who do otherwise. However, I myself am skeptical about what chemicals, additives, etc. are put into the food I eat. Unfortunately, I haven't made the necessary changes/do not have the financial ability to eat organic/fresh/etc. But it is actually CHEAPER for me to do so for my son. I breastfed (FOR FREE) and will be making baby food at a much cheaper price than the canned versions. Yay me! I would like to feed my son the best food possible and for him to have a wider palate than his picky father. After week one of feeding him I realize that he is also helping me eat better too. Yay us!

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