Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Cooking

New foods for the week: Brown Basamati Rice & Millet

Menu for the Week:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ Banana Slices

Lunch: Brown Basamati Rice with Button Mushrooms & Spring Vidalia Onions

Fresh produce-yum!

Brown rice cooking in vegetable broth. Add mushrooms & onion when rice is almost done cooking.

MJ getting ready to dive in.

Dinner: Broccoli Millet Croquettes with White Bean Aioli

I gave my friend a run-down of some of the great vegan cookbooks I have read in the past few months and absolutely one of my favorites is Veganomicon, which pegs itself as "The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook." Well, I might not go that far but some of my favorite staple recipes come from that book.

Anywhoo---after mentioning to her my love for that cookbook I decided to revisit it for a recipe for millet. With broccoli arriving at the farmer's market this week this recipe was perfect although it was kinda time consuming, which is why I chose two other pretty simple recipes.


Millet flour w/ thyme, pepper & garlic

Millet cooking with vegetable broth & chopped broccoli added

After cooling form golf sized balls

Flatten & cook with olive oil on both sides until browned

All done!

Navy Bean Aioli

Lunchtime~(Paired with Navy Bean Aioli)

Failed Snack...but not really: So, I bought some dry chickpeas with the intention of making crisy chickpeas. Well they turned out great...BUT not for a baby with no teeth. Womp, womp--but mama has something to snack on or add to salads.

Chickpeas (I used dry, but canned are faster)
Chili Powder
Olive Oil

Using dry chickpeas they have to be cooked first following directions on package.

Chickpeas roasting in the oven w/ olive oil, chili powder & garlic until dark brown and crispy


Notes: In my exploration of gluten-free grains to introduce to MJ I came across millet. I personally had never eaten (I don't think) or cooked millet so this week was an experience for me. I wasn't able to find millet flour, but bought whole millet and ground it to make flour and it worked fine. I actually think that the consistency of the millet when cooked was similar to cornmeal, but when eating it didn't taste super grainy like cornmeal.

Also, I had originally intended to make wild rice for MJ's lunch, but wasn't able to find any that didn't contain a whole mess of other things [soy, dairy, crazy unpronounceable things] thanks. I'll try Harris Teeter next time. Very important to check the ingredients even of food that shouldn't really have any weird additives

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