Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black bean & Chickpea Cakes

I had half a can of black beans leftover from a midnight black bean quesadilla (don't judge me!) so I decided to make black bean burgers for lunch. Turns out half a can wasn't enough for me AND greedy :). So I mixed in a can of chickpeas too to make chickpea-black bean burgers.

I started off by mashing all the drained/rinsed beans together and added cumin, garlic powder, chile powder and pepper.

Then I separated the mixture into my burgers and MJ's. I added panko and wheat gluten to hold my burger together, but since MJ hasn't been introduced to wheat I used brown rice flour for his (I also added salsa to mine--yum!).

I decided that perhaps a whole burger might be a tad overwhelming for him, so I made what I called "cakes" in my mini cupcake pan.

Going into the oven

Finished product:if I didn't know better I'd think they were chocolate chip cookies (minus the chunks of chickpeas!)

Did he like them?

I don't particularly love rice flour the texture is weird to me, so when I tasted the cake they were a bit grainy. He loved them though. Next time I will probably use oat flour instead. They were also pretty messy (why i envisioned him eating them bite by bite I don't know....). 

All those crumbs---UGH!

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