Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the Go with NO Food??

A "quick outing" goes longer than you were planning and your typically lovable baby turns into a hungry monster? It has happened to the best of us. Poor planning can ruin a day---and an eating regiment! Depending where you are there might not be any healthy/affordable options around. I took a quick stop in the CVS today on my way home from the park with MJ. Luckily we weren't in such a situation, but had we been CVS would have been our last vestige of hope.

Imagine my surprise (or lack thereof) when aisles of chips, cookies, overly processed foods and high sugar contents were not in fact hiding healthy options. In my mind I had predicted that they would at least have a couple bananas in the fridge next to those salads that you can't imagine people actually buy---and eat! But no such luck. I found a few options available of what could be acceptable options if I were unwilling to trek 15 minutes out of my way to the grocery store.

1) Extremely overpriced non-organic baby food. At around $2 per container this seemed ridiculous to me.

2) Dried fruit. They only had a few options (which I would CAREFULLY check to make sure there were no added sugars) Even the natural sugars in dried fruit and the difficulty they might present for a toothless, I wouldn't go for this option.

3) Canned vegetables. MJ loves fresh green beans, but the preservatives and salt that are included in canned versions make me wary. Plus this isn't a very easy "on-the-go meal"...

4) OUR WINNER: Unsweetened applesauce. I found this gem tucked away where probably no one has bought it for ages *shudder,* this would be the best and probably healthiest option AND for the quantity the price wasn't too bad.

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