Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun World of Finger Foods

Although I enjoy making my own finger foods for Marley (cubed & steamed veggies are a favorite of his), it isn't always convenient when we are on the go. When looking at the snack selection in the baby food aisle one thing I noticed was that the majority of baby finger foods contain wheat. Major no-no for MJ. There are however a few snacks (intended for babies) and others that I have found that MJ really loves.

Baby Mum-Mums
Organic rice biscuits
The shape is great for starting finger foods and dissolves easily in baby's mouth.
(One issue I had with these is that they do contain sugar, but when I tasted them it wasn't overpowering.)

Earth's Best Pop Snax
Air popped rice and potato snack
(Earth's Best is a brand I trust when I do buy jarred baby food so I was comfortable trying the snacks, they are intended for toddlers, but when your baby has developed the pincer grip they are a good snack.)

Veggie Chips/Sticks

 These can usually be found in the "health" section (at least at my grocery store), but check the nutrition facts for added salt, etc.
Have great salt-free chips/sticks that can easily be broken into small pieces for baby.

I'm sure there are other brands/options on the shelf, but these have been good on-the-go snacks for us.

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