Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Baby Food is Fun! really it is. I promise you it is not as tedious at it seems. I think that the effort and time you have to put forth to make food rather than just buy the jars really is what holds some parents back. MJ doesn't sleep through the night and I am constantly tired from his early morning wake-up calls and late night antics, however making his food is so simple and easy that I can do it even in a zombie-like sleep deprived state.

Every Saturday MJ and I go to Eastern Market (our local farmer's market) to go get our fruits/veggies and then go to our grocery store to pick up everything else. I usually have planned what I want to buy based off of our introduction schedule, I will typically introduce 1 or 2 foods a week with a 3 day introduction period for each food. For example: this week I got spinach, apples, bananas, kale and black beans. Our two new foods of the week are kale and black beans (yum!) So I'm sure that seems like I'm buying a lot of food for a 10 month old, but the easiest way to introduce foods to MJ is to lead by example.

I typically will make most meals for the week all on Sunday and refrigerate/freeze (depending on the food) for the week, some I make on the fly if it is an easier meal.

Our menu for this week is:
Breakfast: applesauce [I make one big batch on Sunday for the week]
Lunch: banana, avocado & brown rice   [I can easily mash up 1 banana & 1 slice of avocado on the fly or prepare in advance & pack up]
Dinner: spinach & black beans (Mon-Wed), spinach, kale & quinoa (Thurs-Sat) [Cooked quinoa on Sunday, used canned black beans without salt and spinach & kale chopped, steamed and then frozen into daily batches]

Usually the Sunday meal prep takes me less than an hour and with a great playlist and MJ napping it is actual pretty relaxing.

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