Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eating Like Royalty on a Budget

Another reason many parents might choose not to prepare their own baby food is the cost involved. However, with meal planning, budgeting and restraint (!!!) it is possible for it to actual be cheaper than buying jars. The following menu is not fixed and throughout the week I will make adjustments and combinations to keep it interesting.

Breakfast for the week: Oatmeal & Banana

9 Organic Bananas [grocery store]: $0.99/lb ---------------$3.71
8 oz Sprout Organic Baby Oatmeal [grocery store]--------$3.65

Lunch for the week: Red Kidney Bean "Chili" with Sweet Potatoes & Brown Rice

2 Organic Sweet Potatoes [Farmer's Market]: $1.50 each-----$3.00

2 Cans Reduced Sodium Red Kidney Beans [grocery store]: $1.00/can ---- $2.00

8 oz Sprout Organic Baby Brown Rice [grocery store]-----$3.65

Dinner for the week: Zucchini, Brussels Sprouts  & Quinoa

2 Zucchinis [Farmer's Market]: $1.75 each--- $3.50

1 Bag of Brussels Sprouts [Farmer's Market]: $4.00

12 oz bag Organic Quinoa [Grocery Store]: $5.28

Total of 21+ meals: $28.79

*Brown rice, oatmeal & quinoa are staple items which aren't bought weekly (and rice and oatmeal typically are bought by parents of jar-fed babies as well). I actually didn't buy them this week because I already had them. So I actually only spent: $16.21!!*

Totals based on rate of 2 (stage two) jars per meal x 7 days= 42 jars
Gerber Baby Food: $1.01 per jar------------------ $42.42/wk
Earth's Best Baby Food: $1.15 per jar ------------$48.30/wk
Sprout Organic Baby Food: $1.21 per jar---------$50.82/wk
HappyTot Baby Food: $1.43 per jar---------------$60.06/wk
Plum Organics Baby Food: $1.68 per jar---------$70.56/wk
Gerber Organic Baby Food: $1.89 per jar--------$79.38/wk

Based on the prices of baby food at my local grocery store compared to the selection of local, fresh vegetables and organic selections from the farmer's market and grocery store I actually saved money AND am able to prepare delicious, wholesome, healthy meals for my prince. :)


  1. It's amazing how much one can save by planning ahead! A really eye-opening post!

  2. It is great that you are planning his meals so carefully. It is not only good for the Prince but Queen mama as well.